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About Us

A few years ago, a group of friends were hanging out and wondered “Wouldn’t it be awesome to have some beef jerky?” But we looked around and couldn’t find one that fit our halal diet and was awesome. So we set out to make halal snacks that could be enjoyed by everyone. Thus was born Halal Jerky.

From spicy Hot Hickory to sweet Honey Teriyaki, and from tangy BBQ to Original goodness, we’re constantly experimenting with fine ingredients and premium cuts of meat in pursuit of a great snack for you. We hope you enjoy it.

What is Halal?

Halal is is an Arabic term which means permissible or lawful in Islam. In reference to food, it is the Islamic dietary standard. We follow halal zabihah standards very strictly, and are certified by Halal Food Standards Alliance of America (HFSAA). To learn more about halal food standards, take a look at this page by HFSAA.