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What?! A new website? Say it ain't so!

Yes, it is so. We are launching a new website for Halal Jerky. One in which you can purchase directly, view our social profiles, read more about our company, and get in touch. We know how much you loved our previous website, what with its broken buttons, overflowing sections, and massive flashing red arrow(seriously, what was up with that?). But lets wipe those tears, and look to whats ahead.

Complete Product Catalog

We know we haven't been great about keeping product stocked on our Amazon store. It's something we've been working very hard as a company to rectify. We should have the logistics in place to not have it happen again, but in case it does, we want to be clear about what our complete product catalog looks like, regardless of whether or not it's in stock. Our new product catalog lets you know what's available and what's not, and gives you a quick way to checkout each product and add it to your shopping cart.


Individual Product Pages

We've created individual product pages that highlight all the goodness packed in each flavor. Learn about the flavor tones, check out the ingredients, and scope that jerky from angles you didn't even know existed. And coming soon we'll have some professional photos from an up and coming photographer of each flavor. 


Social Profile Love

If you've been following us on any of our social profiles, you might have thought we were living under a rock for a few years (seriously, it was a really great rock). But we've got a new team in place dedicated to reaching out to the #hjnation. And we're highlighting that on our new website with sections like the one on our homepage for Instagram.




Thats just the beginning of all the new stuff coming out of Halal Jerky. We're really excited to start sharing them with you. Add us on twitter(@halaljerky) or facebook(halaljerky) to learn all about the new hotness, or sign up to our bimonthly newsletter and we'll give you the inside scoop.

If you've got any questions or comments about Halal Jerky or any of our products, or you just want to say hi, give us a ring at (562) 39-JERKY or email us at We love hearing from customers and learning about their lives and experiences with Halal Jerky.

It isn't just an empty statement to say that we strive to be the best. We work very hard to bring you the best jerky paired with the best possible experience. If we fall short, we want to hear about it so we can make it right. And if we delight you, we'd love to hear it too. Thanks for believing in us.

The Halal Jerky Team

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